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Learning at Maarif

Learning at Maarif

Language Education

At MSB, we aim to qualify our students to use both English and Turkish languages to communicate confidently beside their mother tongue; Arabic.

English Language

English is the language of instructions in MSB in the core subjects; English, maths and science beside IT. Our international teachers comunicate in English with students and school staff providing a stimulting atmosphere for students to use the language naturally. With the many activities and projects, students are motivated to practice speaking English in an enteraining and fun environment.

Cambridge Exams

Our international teachers prepare students to take Cambridge language exams YLE, KET and PET in primary and secondary levels. They are trained on teaching the four skills along with the exam techniques. Our school is an exam center for Cambridge exams.

Turkish Language

With the Turkish langauge program specially designed for Maarif Schools, our students excel in learning the language and have confident to use it at their level. Our teachers use a variety of teaching techniques including digital support to boost understanding.

At Maarif Baghdad Schools, students are motivated to learn foreign languages they will use throughout their lives in a qualified educational environment. It is ensured that our students educate as citizens of the world who think originally by using English and Turkish with confidence.


Our science program is based on inquiry and observation. Students are encouraged to improve their observation skills through a variety of hands-on activities implemented in group work. They are engaged in projects that reflect their understanding and boost their self-confidence.

STEM Program – Robotic and Coding

STEM program integrates science, technology, engineering concepts and Mathematical skills. It provides students with analytical thinking skills, to see the relationships between events, and improves their problem solving ability through working collaboratively on robotic and coding projects with their peers as part of this program.

Art& Music

MSB’s art program allows children to express their feelings and ideas and disclose their inner thoughts. It enhances their creativity and imagination. Attending art & music classes can help them realize their skills and reveal their talents. We encourage our students by offering them opportunities to participate in different school’s events and to show their knack.

Physical Education

In MSB, we utilize our unique sports areas to run sport activities that support not only the physical but also the social and emotional development of students through enganing them in team sports where they learn how to cooperate to reach a common goal.
PE is an integral part of MSB curriculum from kindergarten level to the high school.


In MSB, we believe in the importance of reading. The purpose of our library is to enrich classroom instructions and help students gain new knowledge and skills and to feed their curiosity for learning. It is the central point for all students to enjoy reading, access to information, and do research.
The variety of of books and resources available in our library provides a stimulating atmosphere for students to read.