About Us

About Us

Turkey Maarif Foundation (TMF) was founded in June 2016 based on decisions and laws adopted in the Turkish Parliament. TMF is the only institution authorized to represent Turkey in the field of education beyond the borders of Turkey. Currently, Maarif exists in 40 countries around the world with 109 educational institutions.


In Iraq, Maarif Schools of Baghdad (MSB) opened in September 2019 with two campuses and a capacity of 1500 students providing education from kindergarten to secondary school.
Our main aim is to make a difference in education in Iraq by providing international standards to improve the quality of the educational outcomes.

Our Vision

  • To become a pioneering educational institution nurturing pure-minded people who use their knowledge for the peace and the welfare of humanity.

Our Mission

  • To carry out comprehensive educational activities throughout the world based on the common values of humanity.

Our Aims

  • Responsibility

To empower students to take responsibility of their own learning to promote self-motivated and independent learners.

  • Progress

We give importance to the moral, emotional and social development of every student in addition to her/his academic progress.

  • Pedagogy

To ensure the delivery of lessons by qualified teachers using effective teaching methodology, classroom resources and multi-media equipment.

  • Enrichment

To encourage students to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities that are designed to ensure the development of learners on social, emotional and academic levels.

  • Behavior

To employ firm and consistent strategies for managing behavior across the school. These always encourage students to act responsibly and respectfully and enable every student to study in a safe environment.

  • Safety

To provide a safe and physically secure environment at which both student and parent may feel confident.

Our Premises

MSB premises is made to facilitate education and create a stimulating learning environment that boosts learner’s engagement.
MSB Zayoona Campus spans an area of 75oo m2 with a building of 3500 m2 giving a space of 4000 m^2 for green garden and outdoor playgrounds.
MSB Mansour Campus spans an area of 15ooo m^2 with a building of 3500 m^2 giving a space of 11500 m^2 for green garden and outdoor playgrounds.

In both campuses;

  • Smart classrooms equipped with interactive boards
  • IT and Science laboratories
  • Activity Rooms: Art, Music, Ballet, Mind games and multi-media rooms
  • Turkish language classrooms
  • Sports facilities including three football pitches, a basketball court and an indoor sports hall.
  • Large auditoriums with a capacity of hosting 400 people
  • Swimming pools and water slides
  • 24/7 inclusive security system with surveillance cameras and well-trained personnel